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Who We Are ?

Company Profile

Atlantic724 Inc. is a Toronto-based business consulting company employing professionals with diversified skill-sets and capabilities. We assist to identify, prepare, and enhance your business plan. We are a team; and each team member brings expertise from almost every major industry sector.

What we do

Our job is to drive, coach, and put you ahead of the curve.

In addition, our team will help you to polish your business concept and enable you to pitch it in the most favorable manner to almost every incubator, ventures capitalist, and angel investor.

Our team is armed with IT specialists who can help you to develop your website, platform, and mobile application.

Our IT team will also help your business to operate in the most secure platforms to safeguard your intellectual property, customers’ data, and more.

We have also a team of Business Analysts who are well-educated from top Canadian and International universities; we do have Industrial Management Graduates as well as MBA’s specializing in marketing, strategy, operation and supply chain management, finance, and leadership.

Our team is paying a due care to our clients’ jobs and monitors anything that goes out to be pitched to any incubator, venture capitalist, or angel investor.

As part of our team, we have integrated Canadian Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA’s) who assess the feasibility of any business model, and financial projections.

Our program will utilize your assets to build an organic relationship with Designated Organizations determined by Canadian Immigration Authorities or apply for work permit through eligible programs in Canada.

Our ultimate goal is to help you secure your Permanent Residency status (PR) in Canada and have a smooth settlement for your business and your family.

Canadian Government Designated Organizations are playing a pivot role in determining whether or not your business concept is adaptable to Canadian economy and culture through the start-up visa program. And it is not only about the concept, it is also about how you pitch your business model and how you present it to them.

Our job is to ensure that your business is ready to be pitched to any of those Designated Organizations and elevate the chance of acceptance and success which is an integral part of securing your PR (permanent resident) status in Canada.

We do help you to seek for other opportunities in Canada including study, and enjoy the beautiful Canada through the visitor visa.  You can ask one of our associates today to help you out in getting an admission from a Canadian University, and apply for a study permit.

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